Hints of gold detail on blue

Head: Phantasmal Headdress
Shoulder: Spaulders of the Ring
Shirt: None
Chest: Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving
Belt: Belt of Never-Ending Agony
Legs: Leggings of Telhamat
Boots: Mud Encrusted Boots
Bracers: Demonslay's Wristguards
Gloves: Smuggler's Mitts
Cape: Bloodthirsty Hide Cloak
Weapon(s): Bone Collector Sword

Couleur says:  
"The hint of blue and gold on the daggers
have lead me to this set. I've returned to
this set with far more impressive weapons -
enjoy! The gold on the hilt of these one-hand
swords matches perfectly as well as the blue."