Updates and a new search function

Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify is proud to release an updated search function. Searching for weapons, gear and miscellaneous items can now be sorted by a primary colour, secondary colour, specific item type or class and, introducing, animated items!

Over the next week I will be endeavor to have identified and labelled every item with a special effect highlighted in the database. For instance, if you're looking for a smoking weapon, glowing shoulders, a helm on fire or a shield that spins - if it is available on Couleur's Word of Warcraft Transmogrify - the new search function will help you find it!

In other news, spend less time scrolling as there are now additional shortcuts available on the base of each page.

Achievement: 500 weapons!

It's official, here at Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify, there are now literally over 500 weapons available for transmogrification. With a minimum of 25 items per weapon category, there's bound to be an option for you! Other categories are progressing slowly but items are being added, nevertheless.

Lumberjack on a plate...

Head: Helm of Infinite Visions
Shoulder: Alabaster Plate Pauldrons
Shirt: Red Lumberjack Shirt
Chest: Ragesteel Breastplate
Belt: Golem Girdle
Legs: Revenant Legguards
Boots: Revenant Greaves
Gloves: Ragesteel Gloves
Weapon(s): De-Raged Waraxe

Couleur says:
"He's a lumberjack
and he's OK."


Still going! I've taken a moment this evening to update a couple of the transmogrify sets previously posted. My Engraved Mail shaman has a new mace and my blue rogue has a nice new set of one-hand swords; both sets receiving an upgrade with far more impressive weapons to compliment the sets.

Keep in mind though, with most things WoW - the more effort Blizzard has gone too, to create an showstopping item, the more effort the player needs to go to obtain them.

I may be bias (having begun my WoW-life in this expansion) but I've found some of the greatest weaponry to be found in Burning Crusade. In my opinion, a lot of the vanilla and Burning Crusade items to be far more colourful and creative (and over-sized - because in-game, size matters). Compliments to the Lich King expansion and their efforts to darken and create a number of "chilling" items. Sadly, though, it appears Cataclysm had lost its way.

The good news is, most of the old-school gear is easily obtainable if it has survived Blizzard's vanilla model-cutting. Even better, on Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify ideas, I've taken the time to omit any items that have been removed by Blizzard or are no longer obtainable so you can be rest assured the items in this site can be found (give or take their level of difficulty).

To conclude, I am yet to discover many items from Mists of Pandaria, I am looking forward to sharing them with you. I've nearly achieved 500 weapons visually represented, alone! And counting! Don't forget to show your support by liking/sharing Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify on Facebook or feel free to let me know of your comments and/or suggestions by sending me an email at surrealist88[@]gmail[dot]com.

From head to toe...

Still going! The website has expanded again and I am pleased to introduce Miscellaneous items! Here, you will find the beginnings of an archive for cloaks (back), off-hand items, shields, shirts and tabards.

Also new, a category for each weapon type has been established and will slowly but surely populate as I discover new items.

Don't forget to bookmark Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify Database for the future or perhaps you could spare me a moment and Share/Like me on Facebook!

Bows, staves and wands - oh my!

Here at Couleur's Word of Warcraft Transmogrify, there are now over 600 able-to-be-transmogrified items visually represented on these pages - and counting! But I'm certain there are many people who have visited the site questioning the lack of bows, guns, staves, polearms, wands, off-hands...

Please stay tuned! As many people perhaps do not realise - as it hadn't even occurred to me before starting this project - that the weapons represented on the site so far are all right-handed; Those yet to be discovered and shared are left-handed! My goal at this point is to post a certain number of right-handed items before switching and vice versa. And don't worry, that number has almost been reached. I hope to begin down the left-hand path in the coming week.

Searching for Mr. Right-hand weapon - just got a whole lot easier!

Introducing the new search function for Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify Database! I didn't have much luck finding any scripts premade for the Blogger engine, instead I've gone to the effort and created one! Now searching for just what you are looking for is a whole lot easier! Simply start typing in the boxes or click on the box and arrow-down to see the list of available options. Otherwise, feel free to browse using the individual labels to the right.

Searching for Mr. Right-hand weapon

As yet I am unable to find a script that will assist players in simply searching Couleur's Transmogrify Database for exactly what they are looking for. However, it is entirely possible! Simply add the following extension to the BlogSpot URL and type the labels as you need: blogspot.com.au/search/label/Label1+Label2

For example: couleurswowdb-weapons.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Black+One-Hand Mace will return any posts or items with the labels Black and One-Hand Mace under the category of Weapons.

Keep in mind that the labels are case-sensitive, so be sure to type the label names as shown down the right-hand side. Otherwise, just copy and paste. Finally, there is no limit to how many labels you can search by at once!

Tracking progress with achievements

Keep an eye out for my achievements as I post new items! These represent the latest amount of items per category and when that amount was achieved - sometimes less as you will find I will try and stay ahead of the game by posting until the Blogger engine says "no more, I can't take it!"

One by one the ants come marching -
in their fabulous new outfits!

Just a quick message to those who have landed on the site and are excited to see it filled to the brim with transmogrify ideas! At this stage, I have been uploading new items in each category (material and item type respectively) as often as possible. Due to the danger of spamming and becoming blocked by the Blogger engine, I am restricted to 25 posts per page. So be sure to check back regularly to see what's new!

New! Couleur's Word of Warcraft transmogrify database

Weapons! Leather! Cloth! Plate! Mail!

Welcome to this brand-new transmogrify website proudly brought to you by Couleur - a druid. My goal with this database is to create a visual guide to the endless transmogrification possibilities in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. Many sites offer a limited amount of item-sets as preset by Blizzard. Here, I aim to create new and unique fashion sets for players looking to enhance their gaming experience with a personable and custom dressed toon. Stay tuned as I slowly but surely fill my database with the thousand's of transmogrify-able items available to players around the world!

The tones of a wooden warrior

Head: None
Shoulder: Big
Bad Pauldrons

Chest: Bloodmar Breastplate
Belt: Tyrant's Belt
Legs: Bloodmar Legplates
Boots: Stonepath Sabatons
Bracers: Illidari Vambraces
Gloves: Fingers of Light
Cape: None
Frostblade Hatchet

Shield: Warlockbane Shield

Couleur says:
"Earthy brown plate combined with red dyes gives a handcrafted feel to this set. Typical of an old-school troll or tauren."

Hints of gold detail on blue

Head: Phantasmal Headdress
Shoulder: Spaulders of the Ring
Shirt: None
Chest: Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving
Belt: Belt of Never-Ending Agony
Legs: Leggings of Telhamat
Boots: Mud Encrusted Boots
Bracers: Demonslay's Wristguards
Gloves: Smuggler's Mitts
Cape: Bloodthirsty Hide Cloak
Weapon(s): Bone Collector Sword

Couleur says:  
"The hint of blue and gold on the daggers
have lead me to this set. I've returned to
this set with far more impressive weapons -
enjoy! The gold on the hilt of these one-hand
swords matches perfectly as well as the blue."

The last thing I saw was a flash of purple...

Head: Emerald Beholder Eye
Shoulder: Headhunter's Spaulders
Shirt: None
Chest: Songbird Blouse
Belt: Belt of the Fang
Legs: Big Voodoo Pants
Boots: Headhunter's Slippers
Bracers: None
Gloves: Gloves of the Fang*
Cape: Infiltrator's Cloak
Weapon(s): Absorption Dagger

Couleur says:  
"Pretty in gold and purple. A stand-out set
for leather wearers with a hint of chalcedony
in the matching daggers and helm."

*Gloves of the Fang appear beneath the Songbird
Blouse in-game. Rendering program error.