Still going! I've taken a moment this evening to update a couple of the transmogrify sets previously posted. My Engraved Mail shaman has a new mace and my blue rogue has a nice new set of one-hand swords; both sets receiving an upgrade with far more impressive weapons to compliment the sets.

Keep in mind though, with most things WoW - the more effort Blizzard has gone too, to create an showstopping item, the more effort the player needs to go to obtain them.

I may be bias (having begun my WoW-life in this expansion) but I've found some of the greatest weaponry to be found in Burning Crusade. In my opinion, a lot of the vanilla and Burning Crusade items to be far more colourful and creative (and over-sized - because in-game, size matters). Compliments to the Lich King expansion and their efforts to darken and create a number of "chilling" items. Sadly, though, it appears Cataclysm had lost its way.

The good news is, most of the old-school gear is easily obtainable if it has survived Blizzard's vanilla model-cutting. Even better, on Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify ideas, I've taken the time to omit any items that have been removed by Blizzard or are no longer obtainable so you can be rest assured the items in this site can be found (give or take their level of difficulty).

To conclude, I am yet to discover many items from Mists of Pandaria, I am looking forward to sharing them with you. I've nearly achieved 500 weapons visually represented, alone! And counting! Don't forget to show your support by liking/sharing Couleur's World of Warcraft Transmogrify on Facebook or feel free to let me know of your comments and/or suggestions by sending me an email at surrealist88[@]gmail[dot]com.